The Spurned Forge

Session 2

New Heroes

The dragonborn and goliath find themselves rejuvenated by their new wilden companion (named Warbear) after they escaped the automatons on the train platform. Breathing a sigh of relief and hesitating ever so slightly the party is beset upon by a huge mechanical monster. A spinning amalgam of blades, a hulking automaton cuts through the feytouched vines barring the path. Bursting into the plaza the machine launches debris while creating an awful din echoing down the many alleys of Sharn as helpless pedestrians shriek and flee the scene. The party begins to fight the enemy with little success as the whirling blades are harder to approach than first thought, keeping the warriors at bay.

Fortunately, the racket attracts the captain of the guard and prodigal son of Sharn, Üll. Üll has in tow two human charges clad in the guards’ purple. The two soldiers look inexperienced but one is clearly skilled with his halberd and the other well imbued with magic.

After a frantic battle featuring every party member being knocked down and brought to the point of death, Poe, Üll, Dyak, and Warbear ultimately survive, the inexperienced guards succumbing to the whirling blades. After being treated for their new wounds the party is rewarded for their deeds. Sharn begins to return to normal, the metropolitan city is cleaned and the areas repaired by various maintenance teams working in unison. Before long, the party is heralded as heroes by Sharn’s active propaganda machine, with Viceroy Blythe rewarding them all medals for valorous service as well as making them all citizens in order to claim the ragtag group as Sharn’s own.

After the celebration subsides Üll approaches the adventurers and describes a more perilous situation, he is greatly worried at the composition of these automatons and how they differ from the standard warforged who were granted rights and citizenry at the conclusion of the Last War. Üll charges the adventurers to investigate the source of these beings in the Ashblack district, searching out a merchant of the exotics Quinn, a well-traveled eladrin.

Quinn is willing to help the party for a fee, he has a lead in a mining town out towards the Mournlands might have experience with the strange hyaloid metal. After consulting with Üll who reaffirms his opinion of Quinn and recommends that they all travel together the party rests up and returns to the Ashblack district in the morning to begin their new adventure to Quinn’s contact at the Deep Mines, near Sterngate. House Orien’s lightning rail is able to take them as far as Sterngate a pastoral village that stands in stark comparison to the bustling Sharn.



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