Historical Context


In the winter of 894, King Jorat, last ruler of Galifar dies in his sleep leaving a unified kingdom to his heir Mishann, a final act of thumbing his nose at his other ruling age subjects. Kaius I of Karrnath, Thalin of Thane, Wroann of Breland, and Wrogar of Aundair challenged Mishann of Cyre’s rule causing civil war to erupt across Khorvaire. Territories called upon their citizens to take up arms against former allies leading to the bloodiest conflict in the history of Eberron, even surpassing the brutality of the wars in the Age of Monsters. New weapons and tactics evolved in this century long conflict, including the appearance of the Warforged. The destruction and wanton loss of life penetrated society so deeply that it is rare to find a person who has not been personally affected by the Last War.

In 994 the events of the “Day of Mourning” transpired, destroying Cyre while simultaneously creating the wastes known as the Mournlands. No one is really sure what to make of this event. The superstitious are divided in thinking: some suggest it was retribution by the gods for the constant misuse of nature, while more sinister whispers echo tales of a prophetic doomsday. While no one is truly sure of what happened on the Day of Mourning it has brought an uneasy peace to the land as one of the key nations of Khorvaire was removed from existence.

In 996 the Treaty of Thronehold is passed, officially ending the Last War while gaining official recognition for the nations Aundair, Breland, Thrane, and Karrnath.

The Last War and the Day of Mourning weighs heavily on the collective conscious of Khorvaire. The former enemies of Cyre formed a rare sympathy for their foe due to the mysterious nature of the Mournlands’ formation. However, there are many players poised to become figures of great power in this torrid state. The power hungry make constant plays for dominance over other kingdoms. Within a state’s borders various factions (including the dragonmarked houses) vie for supremacy.

Historical Context

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