The warforged were created by House Cannith as weapons in the Last War. While they lack sentient characteristics and even have their own personalities the warforged were developed in the magical forges primarily as incredibly efficient and deadly weapons. Proficient in many disciplines of combat their skills in physical strength and agility are often unmatched by living creatures.

Their ruthless efficiency has earned them a reputation that has proven hard to escape after the conflict. Following the Treaty of Thronehold there has been great limitation exercised to the creation of the warforged. House Cannith allegedly still works in creating the machines but they either do so in secrecy or kowtow to the regulations enacted by the treaty. However, all of the warforged who survived the Last War were granted immunity from their actions in the Last War and are considered citizens of their nations. Their new status is a point of contention among veterans and survivors of the Last War who remember the calculating nature and the brutality of the warforged soldiers. Yet the surviving warforged seem grateful for their new lives and are rarely prone to violence and simply go about their new lives just like the other survivors of the Last War.

The warforged are known to be somewhat reserved in speech but are fiercely loyal to those who become close with them. Under the new treaty they are able to explore their own desires and discover passions they were not afforded while acting as mercenaries and weapons in the Last War.


A recent attack on Sharn’s lightning rail system was coordinated by a shock troop of automatons that only resembled the warforged in that they were mechanical but sentient beings. These aberrant creatures seem to behave similar to the warforged but differ greatly in appearance. The sleek, armored appearance of the warforged is replaced by a more feral and ferocious exterior. Jagged blades of hyaloid metals spear off in every direction in an incredibly intimidating feat of engineering. Their purpose, creator, and material is still unknown but they are very well adapted to destruction.

Uncharacteristic features of the Sharn raiding party also included a variant lightning train built specifically to ram another train engine as well as the ability to repurpose and transform into a deadly attack weapon never seen before that caused some damage to a plaza in Sharn while taking two lives.


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